Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dan Lee and Friends Tribute Exhibition

Dan Lee and Friends Tribute Exhibition
On behalf of Zippity Publishing, we'd like to invite you to Dan Lee and Friends Art Exhibition and "In Your Face" Book Launch Party on August 25, 2005 (Thurs) from 7:00pm to 12:00am at Canvas Gallery Cafe.

Zippity Publishing was formed by a small group of friends and family members after Dan's passing. "In Your Face" is a collection of personal artwork by Dan. He used to visit Canvas Gallery Cafe to people watch and created these wonderful stylized sketches of the coffee drinkers around him. It is very meaningful for us to have this book launch party and Dan Lee + friends art exhibition at this particular location. Artists participating include Albert Lozano, Robert Kondo, Ronnie Del Carmen, Ernesto Nemesio, Enrico Casarosa, Paul Topolos, Louis Conzales, Liz Holmes, Mark Holmes, Daniel Arriaga, and Jay Shuster. Albert Lozano (Culture Shizaaam) and guest will be our DJs for the opening night. Please come join us.

We are going to sell the book "In Your Face" at the opening night. It will cost $10.00 tax included. Dan's book will also be available at on August 29. All of the proceeds will be donated to a chosen charity.

Book Launch and Opening Reception:
August 25, 2005 7 pm - Midnight
August 25 - September 25, 2005

Canvas Gallery Cafe
1200 9th Ave at Lincoln
San Francisco, CA

The Canvas Gallery SF


At 8:42 PM, Blogger Zippity Publishing said...

If Dan only knew how much he was loved and the influence he has had on so many people. I feel blessed that he had such a vast network of wonderful friends who inspired him to develop his passion in art and his sense of self. He will live forever in our hearts, but now he is also "In Your Face". Thank you to all his friends!
Sunny Lee-Fay
Dan's oldest sister

At 5:55 PM, Blogger J said...

Is it possible to obtain these books any other way? I only know a little about Dan, but from what I have seen, he was a rare talent that deserves to be recognized. Thank you for doing this. I wouldn't mind buying them in bulk, as I work in Toronto, I might be able to get them into some grateful hands. Either way I will be spreading the word around about this site.

At 3:15 PM, Blogger Zippity Publishing said...

Hi J,

If you like to buy them in bulk, please email me at We can arrange shipping and payment.

Thanks for your interest

At 1:09 PM, Blogger J said...

I ordered a pile for my friends and I from a few days ago. However, I'll spread the word around my studio and those in the neighbourhood and get back to you on that. Thanks.

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